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About Dale

So Dale is more than a name, it stands for ‘Digital Acceptance Learning and Empowerment’. We’re all spending more and more time online.  Heck! You’re doing it right now. And that’s the idea — to engage men experiencing anxiety and/or depression while exploring their same sex attraction. Through online learning and connection, we hope you get the empowerment you need to tackle stigma head on.

What's the big idea?

Stigma is a tricky beast to tame. We're hoping to find out if a resource like Dale is effective at giving men the tools they need to tackle stigma. We understand that stigma can come at you in all sorts of ways - whether that's the stigma associated with anxiety and depression or the stigma that can be associated with same-sex attraction.  We want to know if providing the dual approach of education and connection can be effective online. So just by being an active part of this online community, you're contributing to the knowledge and evaluation of this concept. If it works — everybody wins! 

STRIDE – reducing the stigma in men

With funding from the Movember Foundation, beyondblue has invested in various projects (like PETE) to investigate whether digital platforms are effective at reducing the stigma associated with anxiety, depression and/or suicide among Australian men aged 30 to 64.

Stigma Reduction Interventions: Digital Environments (STRIDE) is a program that reflects beyondblue’s current research strategy of exploring ‘real world’ effectiveness of evidence-informed interventions and prioritising research partnerships between the community and academics. This project brings together local community, academics, evaluators, digital designers – each contributing to an integrated, innovative project. 

The Pete website hopes to play its part by providing insights into the most effective ways of using digital media platforms to engage men in stigma reduction interventions, prompting change across knowledge, attitudinal and behavioural components of stigma experienced and/or exhibited by men aged 30 to 64.

Keen to know more about STRIDE? Head to beyondblue.

Contact Dale

Got a burning question about Dale or its role in the STRIDE project? Feel free to get in touch via email.