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Face-to-face session Monday 17th May at 8:30pm AEST

These virtual face-to-face sessions are offered through ‘Zoom’ and will be facilitated by our trained peer moderators. These are the same guys that have been chatting to many of you in the weekly live chats!


This is a chance for likeminded guys to share advice and seek support from each other and our peer facilitators. These sessions currently occur once every month.

Keep in mind:

  1. Zoom is a free video-chat service that can be downloaded either from the App Store or Google Play for your phone or tablet. It can also be run on a desktop computer after signing up.
  2. Pre-registration is required for the support groups, but you can be anonymous during the chat session. It will require your email to send you the invite link for the support group session, but this is not shared anywhere else.
  3. We ask that you enter a display name. This can just your first name or you can choose a fake name if you like.
  4. You may leave your video camera off. You are encouraged to turn it on only if you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. During the chat session, we ask that you remain on mute unless you are speaking just to avoid any background noise. At the start of the session, the chat facilitator will quickly explain how to mute and unmute yourself.
  6. The facilitators will always have their video camera on. They will help generate discussion on a broad range of topics. Plus, they will be happy to discuss whatever is on your mind.
  7. The facilitators will also be happy to assist you in how to use Zoom in case you are new to the platform, just ask!
  8. There is also a chat function available in Zoom if you’d like to ask or say something discreetly to the facilitator.

The registration link is below for our next zoom virtual face-to-face session to be held on Monday the 14th of June at 8:30pm AEST. Please register ahead of time.

Click here to register.