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New ways of using PrEP!

PrEP protects against HIV. Now there are new ways to use PrEP! Whether you want HIV protection for a one-off encounter, full-time coverage or anything in between, there’s a PrEP option to suit you.

There are three options to choose from for extra convenience centred on you. Best of all, all options offer equally effective protection to keep you safe from HIV.

Same PrEP, new choices

Daily PrEP: Classic daily PrEP means you’re good to go anytime, anywhere. One pill once a day protects you around the clock for as long as you want. Get lasting protection for the freedom and assurance of being ready for anything.

On-demand PrEP: Prefer short-term protection just for an evening or weekend instead? On-demand PrEP means using fewer pills at carefully timed intervals over a few days — you might know it as 2-1-1 PrEP. Without the expense and effort of daily pills, PrEP’s now a lot more practical and affordable!

How on-demand PrEP dosing works:

  1. take two PrEP pills at once — a double dose — between (no less than) two and (no more than) 24 hours before you have sex; then
  2. take one more PrEP pill 24 hours after your first dose; then
  3. take one final pill 24 hours after the second dose

That’s just four PrEP pills taken over three days, starting with that essential double dose to boost the amount of medicine in your body before you have sex. Following the dosing is as simple as remembering 2–1–1!

With on-demand PrEP, every dose counts. You’ve got to take the right amount at the right time. Having sex too soon after your first dose or missing a dose could mean you’re not protected against HIV. As always, it’s best to follow instructions from your doctor.

Periodic PrEP: This one’s a winner if you want lots of fun over a specific period. Whether it’s for a holiday, a festival, Pride parties or events like Mardi Gras, periodic PrEP has you covered. You don’t have to use it long-term and it’s flexible enough to party on for as long as you do! Periodic PrEP:

  1. take 2 pills (double dose) at least 2 hours before sex, then
  2. take 1 pill every 24 hours after the double dose for the duration of the period you need protection.
  3. then to stop, after your last hook-up, take 1 pill daily for 2 days.

Remember, PrEP protects you from HIV but it doesn’t protect you against other STIs. Using condoms and testing often can help prevent the spread of most STIs.

PrEP is available across Australia. Click on your state/territory for information on how to get PrEP: ACT | NSW | NT | QLD | SA TAS | VIC | WA

For more info on PrEP watch this video.

This article has been republished with permission from Emen8.org.au - Australia’s biggest and boldest online sexual health and wellbeing initiative for gay men, bisexual men and men who have sex with men. Check them out!