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Married, with Kids?

He said 'Look mate you're gay' and I found myself saying 'Yes, i am' for the first time...

In 2020 Shaun established an online peer support group for gay men who have children from heterosexual relationships, sometimes called ‘gay and married men’. The group, Gay Fathers Worldwide now boasts over 800 members from across the globe. Shaun, and group members Chris and John join Michael to talk about their journeys in acceptance, same-sex attraction, and finding support and social connection online.

Thank yout to Shaun, John, and Chris for speaking so candidly about their experiences.

Find the group online at https://www.facebook.com/groups/3545615388793578/ 

Gay Fathers Worldwide can be found on the web at gayfathersworldwide.wordpress.com

If this episode has raised any concerns for you, and you need to reach out – you can head to https://joy.org.au/support/ for links to services and supports for you.

This episode was originally recorded for Well Well Well on JOY 94.9on the lands of the Yalukut Weelam clan of the Boon Wurrung peoples. We pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

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