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What can I do to feel better?

Looking to make a change?

Well, without sounding totally cheesy, just by beginning to check this stuff out, you’ve taken a step.

The fact is, your health is really important, and just like you keep an eye out for your mates and your family, you need to look after your mental health and check in on how you’re feeling.

When you find out that you’re dealing with a mental health condition, there are some common emotions that people talk about experiencing:

  1. Shock- it seems super scary to suddenly have a mental health problem- how will you get over it? Will people be able to tell? Will they treat you differently?
  2. Difficulty accepting it- it seems like such a big change! Surely it can’t really be happening?
  3. Despair or anger- you need to be careful if you’re feeling one of these emotions, because you could be headed into a danger zone. It’s one thing to feel a bit daunted about dealing with your condition, but if this is tipping over into angry gestures, or you’re feeling completely wiped out by it, it’s time to tell someone.
  4. Acceptance- you’re starting to settle into the idea and can see a way ahead.
  5. Coping- boom! You’re sussing it out, you know what to look out for and you’re taking care of yourself. And you’re probably feeling a lot better than you did before. Nailing it.

You may feel some or all of these things, and they may fall roughly in order, or you might feel a range of emotions every day. It can be a real whirlwind! Try though to take note of what you’re feeling when, and get to know what the things are that ‘trigger’ different emotions. Over time, you’ll be able to do more of the positive, and hopefully, less of the negative.

When you do have to do something that triggers a negative feeling, come up with a plan for yourself. Know that if you have to do something difficult, maybe going for a checkup or having a tough conversation at work, that you’re going to follow up with something that you enjoy.

Staying well once you’re there can feel like a balancing act. Of course, being ‘well’ isn’t always clear cut. Again, stay in touch with how you’re feeling, and give yourself a break! It might take some time to get to a good place.

When you’re feeling a bit more like yourself again, remember to keep an eye on the following things:

Stress: Monitor the stresses in your life and keep things in check. Learning to set boundaries and say No to the extra things can go a long way to keeping things balanced.

Lifestyle: Keeping healthy isn’t just about eating the ‘right’ things and hitting the gym from time to time. It also means making sure you’re doing things that make you happy and spending time with the people that you love. Don’t feel bad about making these things a priority!

Sleep: A solid sleep routine is so important to how you feel, and yet, when things get busy it’s often the first thing to go. Make getting a good night’s sleep a priority- and don’t apologise for this! It’s your health after all.

Want to stay on top of staying well? Our friends at beyondblue have a guide for you. Remember to have a chat now, you can always call the beyondblue Support Service on 1300 22 4636.