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DALE Live Chats are back in action!

DALE's wonderful peer moderators are scheduling regular weekly live chats once again!

We admit it, it's been a while.. and we're sorry about that. But starting this week DALE live chats are back and here to stay!

Our peer moderators are all likeminded guys who share a similar lived experience of having been in a long-term relationship with a female partner while also same-sex attracted.

Live chats are your chance to not only chat to likeminded guys in real-time but also seek advice, guidance or even just chat about how you're feeling.

You can also set up discreet notifications to pop up on your phone or tablet device to notify you when a chat is about to begin. Just scroll down to the Live Chats section on the DALE 'Homepage' - or click on the live chat notification floating at the top of the page.

Busy during the live chat? Not a problem, you can head over to our 'Forums' page to chat whenever suits you - feel free to also suggest alternative chat times that better suit you and we'll try our best to make it happen!

Just remember - you need to register in order to engage in the live chats! But don't worry - it's completely anonymous.

Talk soon!